Shark Theory delivers seminars and keynotes that help executives, employees, educators, and individuals win the mental battle. Our training results in clients overcoming mental barriers, developing genuine confidence, and reaching peak levels of performance.

We  teach organizations, leaders, and teams the principles and strategies needed to unlock and sustain a results-driven mentality.
We deliver result-driven experiential  training for businesses, teams, and educators. Our programming combines engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and immediately implementable strategies for improved performance. Participants learn from a curriculum customized to the exact needs, desires, and specifications of the organization.


In this inspirational and entertaining TED Talk, Baylor Barbee explains the science behind finding and creating Opportunity.

“Contrary to popular belief, Opportunity, isn’t a product of luck, chance or circumstance, but by design, by procedure. It’s a science. And if we can learn that process, If we know how to identify, find, and execute on Opportunity, then we can manifest the lives we want personally and professionally. ”
-Baylor Barbee


We work with a variety of organizations to create winning cultures, mindsets, and results. From Lunch ‘n Learn style keynotes, to Multi-Day or retainer based training, our programming is built custom for each client to eliminate a pain point or solve a specific mindset-related problem.
While we understand each client has specific needs and topics of concern, we believe in a systematic approach that ultimately leads to peak performance. Our  speakers and master trainers create a results-oriented solution to move your team toward the next level.


Our solutions model is fundamentally built upon a 4-tier hierarchy that we implement in our training methodology.
  1. Removing Mental Barriers – We rid audiences of the negative self-talk, doubt and limiting beliefs that inhibit growth
  2. Building Sustainable Confidence – We establish positive habits and behaviors that promote lasting momentum
  3. Implementing Growth Strategies – We implement results-focused processes that evolve skillsets
  4. Developing Peak Performers – We drive audiences to reach their best selves and advance their leadership capacity
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