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Shark Theory is a leadership development consultancy that helps individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential through mindset training and adaptive leadership strategies.

What we do

We provide customized leadership training programs and mindset mentorship services that focus on developing adaptable mindsets and driving results in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Who we help

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of corporate executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, real estate professionals, and those looking to develop their leadership skills to achieve professional goals.

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Shark Theory Hierarchy of Agile Leadership Development

Unlock the leadership potential of your team with our adaptive leadership custom programming and expert trainings! Our agile leader development programs produce versatile leaders so your team can thrive in today’s ever-changing economy. From virtual trainings and personalized mindset mentorships to seminars, lunch & learns, and retainer-based training, we deliver tailored solutions that transform potential leaders into dynamic powerhouses. We believe in a transparent methodology that provides a clear understanding of our approach to training your team to become adaptable leaders with unbreakable mindsets.

Our Leadership Growth Model

1. Remove Mental Barriers

Target and develop intrinsic habits and behaviors that create a solid foundation for leadership growth

2. Build Unshakeable Confidence

Target and devlop intrinsic habits and behaviors that create a solid foundation for leadership growth

3. Develop Growth Strategies

Implement results-focused processes that evolve skillsets

4. Become an Agile Leader!!

“It’s simple.  Stay patiently progressive in pursuit of what you want, ignoring good to focus on great.  When you find what you’re after, attack with everything you have.”

Baylor Barbee • Founder


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