We all know that “one person.” You know, the go-getter who never sleeps, is always looking for the next deal, and operates at a million miles an hour. They take pride in being busy and refer to themselves as Sharks. If that’s what you’re looking to become, then Shark Theory isn’t for you.
If you’re looking to remain patiently progressive in pursuit of your goals with a mindset that wastes no energy chasing good opportunities and instead only chases great opportunities – we have the solution for you. If you want to attack your career and objectives with unrelenting confidence and focus, we are here for you.


We develop strategies to help our clients overcome mental barriers and operate in a peak-performing state.


Baylor Barbee, M.S.Ed, is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, triathlete and host of the popular podcast, Shark Theory. Known for his engaging style and ability to shift audiences’ perspective to find opportunities in their lives, Baylor’s message has been trusted by several of top Fortune 500 companies, universities, and large-scale non-profit organizations in the world.

He was named by the DataBird Research Journal as one of thop 100 Keynote Speakers of 2019 and by the Dallas Convention and Visitors’ Bureau as one of the top 12 most influential African-Americans in Dallas, TX.

A former Division 1 scholarship athlete, Baylor played football for Baylor University where he earned a B.B.A in Marketing & Entrepreneurship and a Master’s Degree in Education.



In this topic, Baylor teaches audiences how to identify, find and create opportunities in order to build the life they want with the tools they have available.
Key Takeaways

  • REMOVE limiting beliefs and mental programming
  • SHIFT your mindset to position yourself for growth
  • SHARPEN your skillset to build an opportunity window
  • FIND opportunities by learning where they live
  • CREATE opportunity by becoming and enemy of the norm

MILE 19: Building an Unbreakable Mindset

The primary focus of this “Mile 19” conversation is to help the audience build an unbreakable mindset.  In this discussion, Baylor will give the audience strategies to combat fear of failure, rejection, and adversity so that goals may be attained in a fulfilled manner.
Key Takeaways

  • IDENTIFY your objective or finish line
  • OVERCOME “No” to minimize risk of failure
  • RESHAPE views on adversity to thrive
  • PUSH past your limits to reach your goal
  • WIN and set the bar higher for yourself

THE GOALS ROADMAP: Implementable Action Plans

The focus of this conversation is geared around a central thesis in Wintality, the Process of Attainment, a five-phase approach for accomplishing large goals and objectives.   This process drives audiences to action by instilling a progressive framework that helps attendees stay focused on a goal, confident they can reach it, and a blueprint for attainment of the stated goal.
Key Takeaways

  • DEVISE – Qualifying a worthwhile goal and creating an action plan to achieve it
  • TRIES – Strategies for pursuing goals
  • SURPRISE – Handling rejection and setbacks
  • REVISE – How to rebound from failure and retool
  • RISE – Stepping into success and what to do after you’ve accomplished the goal

MENTAL MONSTERS: Removing Mental Barriers

This conversation aides the audience in removing the mental barriers that keep many people from progressing in their career, aiming for larger goals, and hindering peak performance.  Baylor will deliver strategies for overcoming those hurdles, self-doubts, (and depression), to create mindsets that are driven, energetic, and goal-oriented.
Key Takeaways

  • IDENTIFYING MONSTERS – The mental blocks that inhibit growth
  • PROFANITIES OF SUCCESS – The negative self-talk that prevents success
  • AVOIDING BURNOUT – Strategies to keep audiences energized, healthy and focused
  • EMBRACING CHANGE – Viewing change as an ally and staying ahead of it to help your career
  • LEADING THE PACK – Shifting from doubt to a mindset of a Leader who welcomes Responsibility

THE MINORITY ADVANTAGE: Diversity and Inclusion

In this conversation, Baylor shifts audience perspective to see the benefit of being a minority and how it aides in quicker growth and success.
*As a company, we value the diversity efforts of our clients. We believe the key to creating inclusive cultures is one based on understanding, learning, and authenticity. Each of our D&I initiatives is built from the ground up to solve the specific needs of each client. We select experts from our core conglomerate to offer perspectives and strategy that helps audiences find commonalities amongst each other as well as celebrate the differences that make each individual unique.

  • EMBRACING CHANGE – Viewing change as an ally and staying ahead of it to help your career
  • LEADING THE PACK – Shifting from doubt to a mindset of a Leader who welcomes Responsibility