Clear Cut Expectations: The Foundation of Effective Leadership

Clear Cut Expectations: The Foundation of Effective Leadership

I was thinking about other terms vital to leadership and success. My brother, a performance coach for some very influential movers and shakers, shared an insightful perspective. No matter how high up the totem pole you are, having coaches and mentors is essential. They provide outside perspectives on internal battles and struggles.

The Most Important Skill for Leaders

I asked my brother, "What do you think is the number one key to leadership?" He works with top-tier companies to build cultures and improve performance. His answer? Clear cut expectations. The simplicity and power of this concept struck me.

A mentor once told me that a successful business should be describable on the front of a napkin. If it’s more complex, it’s likely to break down. The same principle applies to leadership. Clear and simple expectations are vital.

Identifying the End Goal

To lead effectively, you must identify the end goal. I often conduct seminars and ask participants, “Who wants to be ultra-successful?” Nearly everyone raises their hand. But when I ask what that means, they struggle to define it. We love the idea of success but often lack a clear definition.

I learned this the hard way during a Q&A session. When asked about my goal, I vaguely answered, “To make more money speaking.” Someone handed me a dollar and said, “Congratulations, you made more money.” This taught me the importance of specificity. Knowing exactly what you want is crucial.

Using Clear and Direct Language

Once you know what you want, you must communicate it clearly. Vague goals like “losing weight” aren’t effective. Instead, say, “I want to lose 15 pounds by doing 30 minutes of cardio daily and maintaining a calorie deficit.” Clear language prevents misinterpretation and sets concrete expectations.

My brother emphasizes this in his work with companies. He ensures that even the lowest-ranking employees understand their role and how it contributes to the organization’s overall goal. People want to belong to something meaningful. As leaders, we must show them how their position impacts the whole.

Valuing Every Role

Recognizing and valuing every role in your team is essential. A simple acknowledgment can transform how someone views their job. For example, instead of just collecting messages from your secretary, say, “You are the front line of communication for this organization. I can’t do my job effectively without you.” This makes them feel valued and integral to the organization’s success.

No Deviation from Goals

Finally, there can be no deviation from your goals. Plans may change, but your commitment should not. Cheat days, whether in diets or business, signal a lack of true commitment. You don’t take cheat days in your relationships, so don’t take them with your goals. Stay committed, and avoid giving yourself an out.


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