Turn down the voice of negativity

Controlling Negative Thoughts: Turning Down the Volume on Self-Doubt

I remember the first time I got on a big stage. The sound engineer asked if I wanted a Lavalier mic or a handheld mic. I chose the handheld because I wasn’t sure what I might say under my breath with a Lavalier. This got me thinking about the things we say silently to ourselves.

The Power of Self-Talk

Have you ever thought about what you say under your breath? Not about others, but to yourself? Are they affirming thoughts, thoughts of gratitude, or are they filled with negativity, doubt, and anxiety?

Our minds are naturally geared towards the negative. It takes about seven positive thoughts to counteract one negative thought. So, it’s crucial to be aware of what we say to ourselves. Imagine if every thought you had was broadcast to your family, friends, and coworkers. Which thoughts would you be afraid of them hearing?

Broadcasting Our Inner Dialogue

If your negative self-talk was on a loop for those closest to you, how would they react? Would they help you correct the narrative or use it against you? This reflection can help you understand the types of people you have around you.

We all have negative thoughts, and it's not always easy to remove them. But having people who can provide a positive perspective can make a huge difference. Sharing your dilemmas with trusted individuals and asking for their perspective can help you see yourself in a more positive light.

Becoming Your Own Cheerleader

Would you cheer or boo yourself if you weren't you? Are you part of your own support group? Many people don't believe in themselves enough. This isn't about ego but about self-support. If you don’t cheer for yourself, who will?

People can’t fully believe in you until you believe in yourself. I can be the most supportive person, but I can't be the first to support you. You have to believe in yourself first, making it easier for others to get on board.

Controlling the Volume of Self-Doubt

We have two voices in our minds: the voice of doubt and the voice of hope. You have the remote control to these voices. Like a remote that controls a home theater system, you can adjust the volume of these voices.

Next time you hear the voice of doubt, turn the volume down. Tell yourself, "I’m not listening to this lie today." When you hear the voice of hope and positivity, turn the volume up. Let it fill the room of your mind. The volume of these voices impacts you greatly.

Muhammad Ali talked big because he made that voice loud enough for his body, mind, heart, and soul to resonate with it. We need to do the same. Turn the volume up on your positive thoughts. Make sure the things you say under your breath are the right things or at least highlight the good things.

Let’s have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow at the Big Event.

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