Mental Grip Strength

Mastering Mental Grip Strength: Your Key to Success

I've been accepting a lot more podcast interviews lately, and I've been interviewed on various shows that will air in the next couple of months. One of the questions I got asked recently is a common one in entrepreneurship panels: "What does it take to make it?" While there are many answers, I believe one trait stands out above the rest: mental grip strength.

Defining Tenacity

We often hear words like "grit" and "tenacity" when discussing success. But what do they really mean? Tenacity isn't just about being fierce or strong; it means being firm with and holding on to something. This is one of the strongest skills you can develop because nothing worthwhile is easy.

The Importance of Mental Grip Strength

When asked what single trait is vital for success, I often talk about mental grip strength. I learned this lesson the hard way when I was about eight or nine years old. My friends, who lived on a lake and were avid water skiers, invited me to try water skiing. They gave me two pieces of advice: point your skis up and don't let go of the rope.

When the boat took off, my skis fell off immediately. Despite that, I held on to the rope with all my might, drinking half the lake water in the process. Eventually, they noticed and stopped the boat. They asked why I didn't let go, and I replied, "Because you said not to."

Holding On When It Gets Tough

In life, we can't always control our footing or the landscape of our situations. But we can always decide whether to hold on or let go. Mental grip strength means holding on when it gets tough, when it seems hopeless, or when you're just drinking all the lake water. If you can master this, you'll find that success often comes to those who can hold on the longest.

Knowing Your Purpose

To hold on, you need to know what's on the other side of the lake for you. What is the reason you're willing to endure the challenges? Whether it's your career, relationship, or passion, you need to remind yourself of your goal every day. Visible goals, like a sticky note on your computer, can help keep you focused.

Assessing Your Willingness

Ask yourself if it's worth it. If things don't go smoothly, are you willing to endure the bumps and bruises? If the answer is no, you might need to rethink your goals or admit that you don't want it as much as you say you do. We often declare our goals for applause, but true success requires action, not just words.

Harnessing Your Inner Strength

Finally, identify what will keep you holding on when things get tough. Whether it's love, a personal drive, or proving doubters wrong, find your fuel. That inner trait, thought, or idea will help you win. Remember, it's not always about being the best; sometimes it's about holding on the longest.


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