Eliminate Excuses: Commit Fully to Your Goals

Eliminate Excuses: Commit Fully to Your Goals

I'm working on a book that will come out later this year, centered around the concept of how we look at less and more. Society often equates getting more out of life with doing more—more hours, more energy, more everything. We cram our days full until there's no free time left. But today, being a perfect example, it's a holiday. A lot of people are off, simply because someone decided today should be a day off. What I'm realizing is that doing more isn't about squeezing more into your hours; it's about staying consistent regardless.

There are eleven federal holidays. Think about it: if you work on these holidays while your competition takes them off, you're eleven days ahead. Life is about consistency. Your dreams don't care about holidays. They don't pause for federal this or federal that. Your dreams are your dreams, and you're either getting closer to them or further away. Every time you take a break because it's a "holiday," you're letting your dreams slip away.

Commitment: Words vs. Actions

Are you committed to your dreams in words or in actions? There's a big difference. Committing in words is easy. You write affirmations, tell everyone about your plans, post your progress on social media, and feel good about it. But when it's time to show your commitment through actions, that's where it gets real.

Take the "75 Hard" program, for instance. It's a workout plan that requires two workouts a day, one outside, along with reading and not drinking alcohol for 75 days. Yet, I see friends saying, "I'm doing 75 Hard, except for my birthday," or "except for a bachelor party." The "except for" makes me cringe. What they're saying is that a circumstance is changing their commitment. You have to start asking yourself if you're committed in action or just in words.

Removing the "But" from Your Life

If you have a goal to do something—anything—you have to commit fully. No exceptions. When you say, "I'm going to do this, but...," you're setting yourself up for failure. That three-letter word is running your entire future. Imagine if you replaced every "but" with a period. "I decided I wasn't going to drink, period." "I decided to start saving, period." "I decided to start working on my book, period." By eliminating "buts," you get closer to where you want to be.

For example, my training plan doesn't care about President's Day. It says, "You have a race in 15 weeks." That's all that matters. What if you woke up today and did exactly what you said you would do, regardless of the holiday? You do it because it has to be done, because you know where you want to go and who you are. You're about action, not convenience.

Look Ahead and Plan

You can even look into your future and identify the excuses that might trip you up. If you see them coming, you can commit now to overcoming them. Say, "Old me would have said 'but,' but new me, as of today, says 'I made a commitment, and I'm going to stick to it.'" Commit to yourself today to remove the "buts," the excuses, and the exceptions.

At the end of the day, you know who you are and what you're after. If you're not actively pursuing it, you'll never catch it. Every day you chill, every break you take, your dreams get further away. You can't afford to waste time. Maximize what you have today. Let's make it happen.

Shark Theory.

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